We offer a wide variety of programs for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, YMCA groups, Eagle Scouts, Church Youth Groups, Inner-City Youth Clubs, 4-H Clubs, or just a group of kids from school, the playground, or the neighborhood!  We'd love to talk to you about what you are looking for, and create an individualized package just for your group!   From birthday parties, to trail riding, to cookouts and campouts, we've got the adventure for your group!


  Horses and horseback riding can have such a positive impact on children that we consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to share our knowledge with youngsters.  At one time or another, didn't most of us want to be a cowboy or a cowgirl when we grew up?  Spotted Horse Ranch combines fun with education and safety  well suited to please the parents as well as the children! 



Horse Love
Out of the Mouths of Children

"I really really really love Gwin.  She looks like a dalmation.  How did you get all those spots on her?  The food was pretty good, but I don't like pickles on my hamburger.  Mike was funny"   Kaitlyn, age 9, Troop 261
"I'm so glad my Mom made me come to camp.  Rocky is an awesome horse.  I learned a lot.  He eats a whole lot.  Probably more than my brother"  Tyler, age 10, YMCA Hamilton County