Horseback Riding

COWBOY COOKOUT RIDE      $135 each


  A truly unique adventure in Hocking Hills, our Cowboy Cookout Ride is one of the best story making things you can do in Hocking Hills! 

  We saddle up and ride out for about two hours, then head to our "Chuckwagon" in the woods for some complimentary Cowboy grub cooked by our very own Michael Solt, the best cook in the county!  Everything is cooked over an open fire, much in the same ways Cowboys of yesterday and today would do it! 

  After an hour or so of eating, telling tall tales, bad jokes, and a few good one-liners, we mount our fearless steeds and ride off into the woods for another couple hours of incredible trail riding before heading back to the ranch.


Reservations for Cookout rides MUST be made a minimum of a week ahead of time.

Due to the high demand for these rides, Payment in full is due at time of booking. No exceptions!

No refunds due to inclement weather.

Prices subject to change


 **Age and Weight Restrictions Apply** 


*We do our best to accommodate everyone's dietary preferences, so if you are a vegetarian, or have certain allergies, or your meal must be kosher, you must let us know when you book your ride so we can make sure you will be well fed!  Most meat used on our cookouts is raised on the ranch, and we can assure you the taste is far superior to that of meats bought at your local grocery store!  We know what our animals eat, where they lived, how they were treated, etc.  All is available for purchase - just check out our Livestock page!***


1 Hour Rides        $39each

Our goal is to provide the most memorable experience for all guests, while ensuring the utmost safety for all riders and our horses.


Our one hour rides are great for those who haven't ridden in a long time, or those who have never ridden, or those with younger children.    Before each ride leaves, a brief riding demonstration and quick lesson is given. We do expect everyone to listen to our Wranglers, as their information is key to ensuring you have a great time! Horseback riding is not a spectator sport - you must participate! 

 As your ride moves along the trail, your Wrangler will give you more tips and instructions...such as how to balance yourself when going up and down hills, keeping your horse on the trail so you're not wandering around while he/she looks for a tasty treat to snack on...etc. Participation!



 **Age and Weight Restrictions Apply** 

Cowboy Cookout
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2 Hour Rides      $65 each

Our two hour rides are a great time for those with older children, an appetite for adventure, or a desire to just go little bit farther... a little bit longer...  Great ride for individuals, couples, and families!

  Each ride is different, and our Wranglers decide which trails to take based on the comfort level, skill level, and age of their riders.  For instance, we wouldn't take a nervous or little bit scared youngster (or adult!) up or down the super steep hills, nor would we take our more advanced, comfortable riders on the "beginner" hills!  We cater each ride to fit the riders!

  There are times, naturally, where we get a mixture of all types of riders, and we have trails to accommodate everything in between the super steep and the not-so-steep. But this is Hocking Hills, and there is not much flat ground!                                           



 **Age and Weight Restrictions Apply** 


Our ranch dogs come along on most rides
Large Groups


We can accommodate larger groups, and we really enjoy them!  Large families, big groups of friends, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts - we'll take all of you!


   Many Horse Clubs have come to the ranch with their horses, and have rented our Wranglers and our horses for their loved ones for a combined ride!  Our largest ride to date was 100+ horses, both ours, and privately owned horses, on a fantastic ride!




Parties of 10-20 people must pay a minimum $100 deposit at time of booking. No exceptions.

Parties of 20 or more must pay a minimum $200 deposit at time of booking.  No exceptions.

**Age and Weight Restrictions apply**

Reservations are Required. 740-332-RIDE

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