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For ALL reservations, please call the office    740-332-RIDE

If you have left us a message, and no one has called you back yet, please make sure your Voicemail is set up, and that it is not full!  

Technically, Deffenbaugh Road is our driveway, and may not appear as connecting to Route 180, but we are right on Route 180, about 3 miles East of Laurelville, Route 180

15 miles West of Route 33


This is the easiest map to use, as you can zoom in/out, depending on where you are!


We have experimented using different GPS Systems with our address, and sometimes Deffenbaugh Road doesn't even come up! 




Click on icon below to download our Riding Waiver
and our Party Hall Rental Agreement

Under no circumstances will we allow an individual over 240# to ride, or a child under the age of 8 years old.  We love our horses, and want them to be with us for many years to come.  We also care for the safety and well being of our guests.  We are quite sure, given the reasoning behind our age and weight restrictions, everyone will understand why we must insist on these requirements.

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